Documenting Sights and Experiences

My name is Amy, and I am a traveller since my teens and a nurse since my twenties.  My loved ones call me a nomad or Gypsy- though that might be because of my unusual tastes & my eclectic wardrobe, more than my magical spells.  I hail from northern BC and while I am now based in the Gulf Islands, my commute north for rural nursing in first nations communities feels like a return of sorts.

I have been blessed with the opportunities to see some breathtaking places, meet some astonishing humans and take part in some heart-shaking experiences.  I want to share these things with other people with any skill at my disposal.  Developing my Photography skills is one step of that process.  With time, I would like to create more works in carving, painting and jewelry.

First things First, though.  Please feel free to browse, I hope you enjoy the tour and find something which tempts you, inspires you or tickles you :) I hope to be adding more to this site including my other creations, and those of my friends.

Donabad (Thanks, in Bangla)

Amy Lyn Hollings